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  1.keepass für Linux    (Zuletzt geändert von dspr an 29.06.2010 15:48:04)

KeepassX kann mit den kdb files umgehen die KeePass für Windows anlegt.


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  2.Grafischer Editor    (Zuletzt geändert von dspr an 30.06.2010 10:54:58)

ich finde den Editra recht gut, da er nahezu identisch zu notepad++ zu bedienen ist. Denke auch, dass es der gleiche Core ist.

Da gibt's auch viele gute Plugins/Addons für den Editor.

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install editra

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  3.teamviewer    (Zuletzt geändert von dspr an 30.06.2010 11:27:33)

teamviewer ist auch für Linux zu haben.

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  4.Debian Network-Config    (Zuletzt geändert von rsch an 27.01.2011 02:28:29)
root@host:~> cat /etc/network/interfaces
# This file describes the network interfaces available on your system
# and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet static
        # dns-* options are implemented by the resolvconf package, if installed
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  5.Speicher klonen über DD    (Zuletzt geändert von Gast an 06.06.2012 17:21:34)


clone an USB stick using dd + see its process

Terminal - clone an USB stick using dd + see its process
dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdd conv=notrunc & while killall -USR1 dd; do sleep 5; done
2010-01-12 14:09:40
User: bw
Functions: dd killall sleep
clone an USB stick using dd + see its process

The following command will clone usb stick inside /dev/sdc to /dev/sdd

Double check you got the correct usb sticks (origional-clone)with fdisk -l.


There are 3 alternatives - vote for the best!

Terminal - Alternatives
pv sourcefile > destfile
2010-03-20 20:55:18
User: edo
Tags: pv

pv allows a user to see the progress of data through a pipeline, by giving information such as time elapsed, percentage completed (with progress bar), current throughput rate, total data transferred, and ETA. (man pv)

dd if=fromfile of=tofile & DDPID=$! ; sleep 1 ; while kill -USR1 $DDPID ; do sleep 5; done
2010-01-12 15:01:44
User: deltaray
Functions: dd kill sleep
Tags: dd kill while sleep

This is a more accurate way to watch the progress of a dd process. The $DDPID=$! is needed so that you don't get the PID of the sleep. The sleep 1 is needed because in my testing at least, if you run kill -USR1 against dd too quickly, it will kill it off instead of display the status. So you need to wait a second, probably so that it can configure itself to trap the USR1 signal.

dc3dd progress=on bs=512 count=2048 if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null
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  6.Proxy für System einrichten    (Zuletzt geändert von rsch an 23.06.2014 14:58:10)


root@avt:~# cat /etc/environment
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  7.get current Shell    (Zuletzt geändert von rsch an 19.08.2014 16:42:14)


ps -p$$ -ocmd=



ps -p$$ -ofname=
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