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  1.abgesicherter Modus    (Zuletzt geändert von rsch an 07.10.2012 02:35:57)


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  2.Key-Shortcuts    (Zuletzt geändert von rsch an 07.10.2012 02:36:23)
  • Win key - Toggles between Start Screen and Windows Desktop
  • Win+X - Opens Quick Access Menu as mentioned in point 1
  • Win+PrntScr - Automatically saves screenshot in Pictures folder as mentioned in point 2
  • Win+C - Shows Charms Bar
  • Win+I - Shows Settings panel
  • Win+K - Launches Devices charm
  • Win+H - Launches Share charm
  • Win+Q - Launches Search charm
  • Win+W - Launches Settings search page
  • Win+F - Launches Files search page
  • Win+R - RUN
  • Win+Tab - Shows Metro apps switcher as mentioned in point 4
  • Win+Z - Shows / hides App bar at Start Screen to show all apps
  • Win+Spacebar - Toggles between input languages and keyboard layout
  • Win+, - From Start Screen peeks at the Desktop
  • Win+Enter - Launches Narrator
  • Ctrl+F1 - Minimizes / maximizes ribbon in Windows Explorer
  • Ctrl+Tab – Launches All Apps list on Start Screen
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  3."God Mode"    (Zuletzt geändert von rsch an 07.10.2012 02:45:17)

Desktop -> New Folder: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

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  4.QAM - Quick Access Menu    (Zuletzt geändert von rsch an 07.10.2012 02:45:17)

To access QAM, move your mouse cursor to extreme bottom-left corner of screen and right-click and you'll get the hidden system menu as shown in following screenshot:


You can also access it using "Win+X" hotkey.

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  5.Desktop-Minianwendungen    (Zuletzt geändert von rsch an 27.10.2012 15:43:03)

...kölnnen unter Windows 8 mit dem Tool "DesktopGadgets" wieder verwendet werden.

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  6.TomTom MyDriveConnect Treiber    (Zuletzt geändert von rsch an 23.03.2015 15:06:53)

TomTom #...

If the navigation device is listed as "TomTom #...", follow these steps.

  1. Right-click the TomTom navigation device (for example TomTom #2) and select Update Driver Software.
  2. Select Browse my computer for driver software and select the folder that is applicable for your computer’s operating system:
Windows – 64 bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\MyDrive Connect\Driver\INF
Windows – 32 bit: C:\Program Files\MyDrive Connect\Driver\INF

Click Next to install the driver. When the installation has finished, restart your computer.

When the computer has restarted, the navigation device should be recognised when you connect it to the computer.

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